HUSAR Bioinformatics Lab
Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum Genomics Proteomics Core Facility
HUSAR Access
How to connect to us
Normally, access to HUSAR is established via internet. The internet address of HUSAR is:

  External users:
  DKFZ users:

A registration is required. The system asks for user ID and Password.

Applications can be accessed via:

  1. the Text Terminal Interface (Command Line Version) embedded into a powerful UNIX shell. This interface requires some kind of terminal emulation software being installed (e.g. Telnet).
  2. the graphical X-Windows Interface of GCG (called WPI) requires additional X-Windows software being installed (e.g. EXeedW).
  3. the WWW Interface called W2H, which was developed in our group, is more user friendly. The WWW Interface requires the WWW browser Netscape 3.0 or higher. Please point your browser to

The operating system of our network is UNIX. Knowledge of UNIX is essential to work with applications like HUSAR when using the text terminal or X-Windows interfaces. Even when using the WWW interface to access HUSAR some basic knowledge of UNIX (commands to handle files and directories, email and file transfer) would be an advantage. Users can find a short summary of the commands here, in our quick guides or in our UNIX manual.